Spring 2017: Dreams

Every night, our mind runs amok, shaping visions and warping reality. It creates a new past, strange present, or unique future. Ideas grow exponentially and laugh at convention, materializing as the happiest times or the darkest nightmares. Then we wake up, and the illusion fades…

NMC Magazine wants to see your dreams. Under cover of night, do you don a cape or a tuxedo to fight crime? Are you an animal, or can you talk to them? Can you lift the hopes of the community with your own? Let your writing or art rally fellow dreamers to make a difference for generations to come.

Send us your stories, poems, illustrations, photos, artwork, film, or other designs either in person or via email by Friday, February 24, 2017. Bring hard copies to the Communications Office, Scholars Hall 214, Attn: Alissia Lingaur -OR- to the Humanities Office, Fine Arts Building, Attn: Caroline Schaefer-Hills. Email submissions to nmcmag@mail.nmc.edu. Be sure to attach the Submission Form.

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